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Our Dendrobiums are highly suitable for indoor with lighting and outdoor patio display. From blooming to full bloom, the plant with its flower can last from one (phalaenopsis type) to three (spatulata types) months depending on its variety and display locations.


Mokara like most vandaceous hybrids are highly adept to full sunlight growing. This would be an ideal selection for growing in open spaces/gardens. As with most Vandaceous plants, the plants produce larger stems of flowers as it matures, thus larger plants are more pricey as they take a longer time to cultivate.


Most of our Phalaenopsis are sub tropical plants. Our Phalaenopsis are imported from Taiwan and their flowers can more than a month in aircon environment with sufficient lighting. Of all the Phalaenopsis, the white variety flowers more readily in our tropical climate compared to the other colours.


Most of our Cattleya are fragrant ranging from small flowers with a range of wing span from about 3cm with multiple flowers, and up to a wing span of about 14cm for large flowers.


Vanda that we grow can withstand our hot humid climate easily. In fact, the more sunlight that they are provided with, the better they flower and grow. They are a good variety to use for landscape purposes due to their low maintenance as well as free flowering characteristics when planted locally.


Seaonal/Limited Orchids

The orchid plants listed under this section is seasonal or limited in numbers (not available throughout the year). If you would like to purchase an orchid plant in its flowering stage in this section. Kindly contact us to check on it availability before making purchases. Thank you.

Orchid Flask

Orchid Flask provides a safe environment for storage and transport of seedlings. The varieties available depends on seasonal or inventory demands. Kindly contact us for availability & variety.

Special Orchids

This category of  orchid plants comprises of New Crossings, Primitive Hybrids, Rare Mutations, or Natural-Occurring Species. Their prices are subjected to fluctuations due to their rarity and/or novelty.  Kindly contact us to check for Availability and Price.


Tillandsia are hardy plants from the Bromeliaceae family. They require no media to grow and “thrives” entirely on air. After flowering, the mature Tillandsia pup dies back and numerous young pups will surface in its wake.

Fertilizers / Accessories

Gardening tools and accessories are requisites for optimal Orchid care. Moreover, proper nourishment is necessary for Orchids to grow and bloom well. Orchids primarily feed on inorganic fertilizers called foliar and small amounts of organic fertilizers. Here at TG, we used a combination of both organic and inorganic fertilizers to nurture our orchids.

Orchid Giftbox

Our giftboxes are filled with assorted orchid freshly harvested from our local farms. The cut orchids are individually packed with irrigation tubes to provide them with ample water before it arrives at its destination. On average, cut orchids last for slightly longer than a week in our local climate and up to two weeks in cooler climates. Orchid giftboxes must be kept away from direct heat and frost.

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