Monthly Orchid Rental Service for Offices & Home

Orchids in Ceramic Planters

Orchids in Ceramic Planters

Monthly Orchid Rental Services for Offices and Home constantly keeps your orchid planters / gardens in blooming state throughout the year. Freshly selected orchids from and delivered to you on the first Friday / Saturday of every month.

Select from rental agreement packages for a period of 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.


Best Value Package

An Example of Cattleya in Original Pot

An Example of Cattleya in Original Pot

Based on your budget, we will select and send you the best of the orchids that are blooming in season. Orchids delivered will be in their original pots (Clay Pot, Plastic Pot etc). This is the best value option, particularly for home and outdoor gardens. An example of orchid being cultivated in its original pot is as shown on the right.

For example for a budget of $125, we will send you either 7 pots of Dendrobiums, 6 pots of Mokara, 4 pots of Vanda or even a mixture like 5 pots of Dendrobium & 1 Mokara based on your budget. You can let us know your preference for certain kinds of orchids and we will advise the delivery options accordingly. This package is however not inclusive of manpower for arranging the orchids into ceramic planters or your own pots. For arrangement options, kindly select the Best Presentation Package below.


Best Presentation Package

An Example of Phalaenopsis Arrangement (2 in 1)

An Example of Phalaenopsis (2 in 1)

For ceramic planters, multiple pots of orchids (from their original clay or plastic pots used for cultivation) can be arranged into a single ceramic planter. For simplicity, we call the arrangement of one pot of orchid into one ceramic planter a (1 in 1) arrangment. Similarly, for two pots of orchid into one ceramic planter, we call this a (2 in 1) arrangement. An example of a (2 in 1) ceramic planter arrangement is as illustrated on the left. This is similar to what you see in shopping centres and hotels. This package is great value for offices, hotels, clubhouses, restaurants, shopping centres and tourist attractions.

Price quoted below is inclusive of rental of the orchids, use of ceramic planters, potting media and arranging of the orchids into the ceramic planters. The orchids will be transplanted in our farm directly after its freshly selected. It eliminates the hassle of having to arrange the orchids onsite, particularly for crowded places. The orchids will be switched for one with similar planter during the exchange. Only light watering twice a week is required for basic maintenance.

*All Packages start from $125 per month inclusive of delivery. 
** Price quoted is excluding GST.