Orchid Flasks Availability

Code  Variety  Price  Add to Cart
XTG38 Dendrobium Glory SGD$40  
TG44 Renantanda Blue SGD$40  
TG20 Renanthera WOC SGD$40  
TG58 Renanthera Kalsom SGD$40  
TG61 Dendrobium Genting Casino SGD$40  
TG65 Dendrobium Aridang Blue SGD$40  
TG59 Papilionanda Orange SGD$40  
TG60 Dendrobium Snow White SGD$40  
TG66 Aranda Pure Heart SGD$40  
TG67 Renanstylis Teo Choo Hong SGD$40  
TG69 Dendrobium Blue (New Hybrid) SGD$40  
TG71 Dendrobium Pink (New Hybrid) SGD$40  


















Last updated: 16/06/2015

Our orchid seedlings are kept in flasks from 3 – 6 month before they are deflasks.
Please request for us to update flasks list if last updated date is more than 3 months old.
As we constantly deflasks our flask, some variety may not be available after 3 months and new varieties may be available.

Prices for mericlone flasks (40 seedlings) – $40, mericlone flasks (25 seedlings) – $25.