Singapore Botanical Gardens Heritage Festival Booths

Singapore’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site is hosting the Singapore Botanical Gardens Heritage Festival 2017 to celebrate the rich heritage of Singapore Botanical Gardens. The event will be hosted in over two weekends on the 1-2 July 2017, and the 8-9 July 2017 with a host of fun filled activities.

Toh Garden will be holding a booth during the event at the Plant Bazaar (Orchid Plaza) from 9.00am – 8.00pm, outside the National Orchid Garden. There will be a splendid selection of orchid plants and Tillandsias, including some of the below Tillandsia varieties. Drop by our booth, we’d be most happy to meet you!

Orchids and Tillandsia can be preordered and collected at the Singapore Botanical Gardens by writing in to during this period of time.

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  1. Hi! How much is you Tillandsia Streptophylla and Tillandsia Ionantha Vanhyningii?

  2. Dear Rhea, T. Streptophylla – $25 T. Ionantha Vanhyningii – $16 silverelf

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