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Trendy Office Gift - Tillandsia

Trendy Office Gift – Tillandsia

Tillandsias in glass balls are popular and trendy office gifts and desktop decorations. They require minimal care aside from an occasional whiff of NPK solution once a week. Most┬áTillandsias thrive well but grows slow under normal office lighting. These glass balls have a hook casted at the top and thus can be hung up using […]

Tillandsia / Air Plant

Tillandsia / Air Plant

Tillandsia has an uncanny resemblance to sea urchins, and sea anemones especially when they are in flower, but they are actually live plants from the Bromeliaceae family. Tillandsia are originally found in forest, mountains of Central/South America and West Indies. In some places, they can be seen to be growing on hanging wires. So fancy […]